Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This is test

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Monday, May 25, 2009

memorial day weekend

This month we were suppose to have a family reunion, but we had to cancel it.
I went to my son's place and spent the nite and him and his wife brought me home.
It was a nice visit. I came home because Paul had to work tomorrow. I have vacation until thursday and I will be going back to work.
I'm still not doing to well since Layne had pass away. I try to hide from my kids and grand-kids.
I know that time will tell. I will be a happy person again. I always wonder about my mother how she felt when My dad died. She was full of sorrow all these years. I used to see her cry at times when I took my kids to see her. I really wanted my kids to know her and their cousins.
I wish that my grand-kids would have know her. I know that she would love my grand-kids, Like I Love them. She would show them how to make fry-bread, just like she did Janalea.
I hope everyone in this world are safe and happy.
all my prayer goes out to the men's and women's that are in the service to keep us safe and being a free country,
I better go now because my daughter is going to be here in a few minutes.

Friday, May 22, 2009

May 2009

Hello everyone. I have been trying to write in my blog since My Layne has passed away.
I feel like my happy days have stop. I keep thinking back to that day April 11.2009.
Maybe if I was home when he had his attack, maybe I would've help him some how. I feel so bad that I never told him I love him that day. I feel like this is just a dream and he will be standing there asking what is for dinner or help me make a list of our grocery shopping list, while I cut coupons. He really, really like to shop with coupons and he always want to keep the receipt from the last shopping , to compare the saving. My heart is not into coupons cutting or shopping. I have gone back to work and my work keeps me busy so I'm not thinking about Layne. We had our life planned out and places to go.
I feel like I'm a zombie at times.
I love my kids very much. They have been strong for me and help me to get my life back in order, I want to Thank my daughter Janalea for letting me stay with her and her family. Even thou you have a family of your own and your putting me up and taking me to the bus stop and taking me to the apt. to feed my birds. I love you for all the things you have done for me.
I want to thank my Son Paul for letting me stay with him and his family one the weekend.
Thank you Paul for cooking for me and letting me watch TV. thank you for bring me home and just being there for me.
this is all for today.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


it sure has been awhile since I have written in my blog. First off, I alway forget my password and so forth. lol
I had a terrible week this week. I just lost my best friend, my love, my man. I had been with my significant other for quite a few years. maybe 17 years or so. I having a terrible time right now. My whole life just fell under and it will be quite a while before I feel better about myself.
The day before Easter my daughter and I went shopping for last minuter Easter stuff. I got dropped off and came inside and found my significant other passed away. we had a memorial service for him up at South Mountain over looking the valley and be had a BBQ. That was what he wanted. He will be missed very much and was loved. I know that hes in a better place now and happy. I know that we would want me to go on with my life, and fofill our dreams we had.
In fact the first one is coming up in may. I know he would have been loved by everyone. He was such a forgiven person and he had so much love in his heart.
I will try to keep up with my blog........ I know hes laughing at me about my password......
thank you for everyone that reads my blog.

my mother Jane and Christine Thanksgiving Dinner on the rez

grandkids afraid to sharks in the background

Me and my older sister Marie.